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A domain for your website

Every doneWebs subscription includes a domain that customers can use to access your website and that you can use for your personalized email account.

Tech 101

Domain. What is that?

A domain is what’s used as an address for your website and some other services. It’s entered into the address field of your browser to open your website. The domain consists of two parts. The first is the prefix, such as “mycompany”, and the second is the top-level domain, such as “.com”. All doneWebs subscriptions include a domain.

Selecting a domain

We offer over a hundred top-level domains. Most of them are only available upon request. The domains include both internationally recognized .com, .net, and .org, as well as newer top-level domains like .shop. 

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Using your domain with a personalized email account

We recommend the Business, Plus and Pro subscription plans for the vast majority of our customers. These plans include personalized email accounts, such as 

Already own a domain?

Don’t worry. You can use your current domain with your new website. We’ll take care of the transfer for you.