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We offer both full-time and contractor positions. Additional positions will be added rapidly as we continue to grow fast. If you can’t find a position that fits you well at this time, please check back soon.

Do you want to make a real difference for small business owners?

Making small local businesses competitive against the growing major corporations will require them to make use of modern digital marketing tools. Building a website is a very good start, but our ambitions don’t stop there. With your help, we’ll continue developing products and services that empower local businesses.

This mission is imprinted in our DNA, and when you join our team, you will have the opportunity to continue shaping our growing company.


Available Positions

We offer both full time and contractor positions. Availability is updated regularly.


These positions offer full-time employment with all employment benefits, incl. medical insurance.

No open positions

Internship roles are generally announced in April, June, and November.


These positions offer full-time or part-time employment with some benefits, but excluding medical insurance.

Marketing Intern

done. is looking for a summer intern that is ready to support our mission of helping small and medium size businesses stay competitive! The person we’re looking for is a strategic thinker with awesome interpersonal skills and the ability to truly take responsibility for their own success, bringing that motivation and excitement with them to the rest of the team and to potential customers.

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Independent Contractor

These contracts involve concrete tasks, paid for in flat amounts. Includes no benefits. Contractors are not considered employees.

No open positions

Contracts are announced regularly. Check back soon.