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done. was founded in 2019 with a mission to make small and medium size businesses in increasingly consolidated markets competitive. In May 2019 we launched our service, enabling business owners to get a website without lifting a finger. We’re also developing a digital business management service which will be announced soon and launched in late-2020.

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Who we are and what we do. It’s business.

Our service today
Professional and fully customized websites are developed for our clients using automation and some manual work by marketing professionals. Our market is dominated by small and overpriced agencies with outdated business models. 

Contrary to build-it-yourself platforms, our customers will enjoy having a fully customized website built for them at a price that is competitive even against build-it-yourself services that requires the customer to learn and acquire some web development skills. 

Ultimately, do-it-yourself tools are for tech savvy business owners, while done. is for those that are experts in their own field, and that wish to have experts do professional digital marketing for them.

Our future plans
Running a business and making it competitive is more difficult than ever. That’s why we’re planning to launch services that will continue to improve the lives of business owners by offering intuitive platforms that simplifies business management.

Our focus in everything we do is to get things done. We aspire to bring simplicity to everything business, and everything else. Going forward, that means simplifying every part of the marketing creative process, including logos, social media, graphic design, data analytics, research, advertising, networking, and much more. 

We envision a done. that will revolutionize and disrupt much more than the website design and development industry, but that will also disrupt the entire digital marketing industry and beyond.

Our mission, vision, and values

Our company has three goals: We intend to make it easier, faster, and cheaper to manage small and medium size businesses.

Current Mission

At this stage and going forward, we aspire to make digital marketing accessible for small and medium size businesses, and thereby bring back their competitive edge. Big corporations hire entire departments of digital marketers, and small businesses aren’t able today to make use of the same digital marketing tools simply because they can’t spare the resources to hire someone that truly has the necessary expertise in this field.


We want a world where small and medium size businesses are able to compete with other businesses, both big and small, on equal terms. We plan to accomplish that by offering the tools available to major corporations, to all businesses, independent of their economic resources, number of customers, or number of staff.


done. is, as a result of our mission, in many ways a social venture. Our values go hand-in-hand with being such a venture: (1) corporate equality; (2) simple intuitive design, and; (3) affordability. 

Management and advisors

Meet Our Team

done. is proud to posess a highly experienced professional team of advisors and well-qualified management with experience from a range of well-respected companies.

Tobias Mikalsen

Tobias Mikalsen

Co-Founder and CEO

Tobias is done.‘s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. Launched at age 11, his first venture was an app development business, with some apps exceeding one million downloads. During High School, he later went on to founding DingzShop, an e-commerce store serving the Norwegian market.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from Hult International Business School in 2017, Tobias was hired by Apple, where he worked in the Worldwide Developer Relations department until the launch of done. in 2019.

Emil Karlsen

Emil Karlsen

Co-Founder and COO

Emil Karlsen is done.‘s Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder. Karlsen has worked as a consultant with global tech giant Google and the international cellular carrier Telenor, in both the fields of operations management, data analytics, and customer relations. He is now graduating with a Masters in Finance from Hult International Business School. 

His experience in operations and finance makes him the right person to lead a fast growing company’s national and international expansion in Europe.

Kenneth "Hap" Klopp

Kenneth "Hap" Klopp

Member of Advisory Board

Mr. Hap Klopp founded world-renowned brand The North Face and is serving on a number of corporate boards. He’s also teaching business courses at Hult, Stanford, MIT and Carnegie Mellon. Hap is the author of two books on entrepreneurship and leadership; “Conquering the North Face” and “ALMOST – 12 electric months chasing a Silicon Valley dream”.

He is a frequent speaker at events all over the worlds, covering the topics of entrepreneurship, leadership, brand building, corporate strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Financing.

Sheryle Bolton

Sheryle Bolton

Member of Advisory Board

Sheryle Bolton started her career in one of the world’s biggest entertainment companies, HBO, and ended up as a tech entrepreneur, eventually taking her company public at NASDAQ. Her specialties lies in leadership, branding, startup financing, strategy, corporate governance, and global business.

She is recognized as one of the most influential Harvard Business School female graduates in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley by Harvard Business School Alumni Association of Northern California in 2014.

Our team has experience from well-respected companies


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