Building a better business world

Small businesses are struggling. Markets are more consolidated than ever. We are doing something about that.

Who we are and what we do.
It’s business.

Small businesses employ almost 50% of the U.S. workforce. As conglomerates enter new markets and capture the market share of these small businesses, well-paying jobs are lost in the process.

We exist because we believe that our services can do good. Big business does well because of their resources, such as big marketing teams and advanced marketing technology. By making modern marketing and management technology affordable and easy to use, we can make small businesses competitive once again. That’s our ultimate goal.

Our mission

In everything we do, our mission is to make it easier to start, manage, and market small and medium-size businesses


of business opportunity is accomplished by reducing the competitive advantages of big corporations.


is what we’re fighting for, to make sure that small business still has room to compete and thrive.


is necessary for our services to serve the purpose of giving small businesses access to the tools currently only available to the most tech-savvy.

Our vision

We envision a business world where there is room for businesses of all sizes to do well, ultimately enabling the pursuit of happiness

Our team

Tobias Mikalsen

Co-Founder and CEO

Tobias is the CEO and Chairman of done. He grew up in Northern Norway, where he started his career developing apps and building websites for small businesses at age 11. During High School, he founded an online gadget store, before moving to the U.S. for college. After graduating from Hult International Business School in 2017, Tobias was hired by Apple, working in the Marketing department until he founded done. with Emil Karlsen in 2019.

Emil Karlsen

Co-Founder and COO

Emil is our Chief Operating Officer. He has worked as a consultant with Google and the international cellular carrier Telenor, in the fields of operations management, data analytics, and customer relations. Emil grew up in Northern Norway and moved to the U.S. for college in 2015. He founded done. together with Tobias Mikalsen in 2019. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a Master’s of Finance degree from Hult International Business School.

Board of Advisors

Sheryle Bolton


Sheryle Bolton started her career in one of the world’s biggest entertainment companies, HBO, and ended up as a tech entrepreneur, eventually taking her company public at NASDAQ. Her specialties lies in leadership, branding, financing, strategy, corp governance, and global business. She was recognized as one of the most influential Harvard Business School female graduates in the Bay Area by HBS Alumni Association of Northern California in 2014.

Hap Klopp


Hap Klopp founded world-renowned brand The North Face and is serving on several corporate boards. He also teaches at Hult, Stanford, MIT and Carnegie Mellon. Hap is the author of two books; “Conquering the North Face” and “ALMOST – 12 electric months chasing a Silicon Valley dream”. He is a frequent speaker at events all over the worlds, covering the topics of entrepreneurship, leadership, brand building, financing, and strategy.


About doneWebs

doneWebs is a website development service, similar to do-it-yourself solutions such as or Squarespace in the sense that we use the same subscription-based business model. However, our service is radically different. We’re applying the SaaS subscription-based business model to the types of services usually provided by web development agencies, thereby reducing the price of a fully developed website substantially.

Not only do we develop the website for you, but we also provide industry-specific features that makes your website effective and useful for customers, ultimately turning visitors into customers. Such features include appointment bookings, table reservations, online store, and more. 

Our story


At age 11, Tobias Mikalsen, one of done.’s two founders, developed his first app for the Apple App Store. The app was called iCheater GTA, containing cheat codes for the video game Grand Theft Auto. The app appeared 1st for several years when searching for GTA on the App Store, and at its best-ranked top 100 in the Reference category for the US App Store.

Always curious to learn more, Tobias built websites and learned the basics of HTML and CSS. He soon after made a business of his app and web development skills and sold his services to small businesses in his hometown of Sjøvegan in Northern Norway. Among his customers were the local newspaper, a festival, and a fjord hotel and restaurant, Garsnes Brygge, which now is a customer of doneWebs. Tobias continued developing apps and websites for several years, and only a few months before starting High School, he launched DingzShop, selling gadgets online.

In 2014, done.’s second founder, Emil Karlsen, met Tobias during their first year of High School. Our two founders grew up only a 30-minute drive away from each other, with Emil in the town of Setermoen, which had a population of 2500, and Tobias still in the town of Sjøvegan with a population of 700, both located in Troms and Finnmark County, the northernmost county of Norway. Coincidentally, they both had ambitions of studying in the U.S., and they ended up studying business at Hult International Business School in San Francisco, starting in 2016. Only two years later, they had both graduated and been hired at two tech giants, Tobias at Apple, and Emil at Google. With Tobias’ experience as a developer himself, working with Developer Relations in Apple’s Worldwide Marketing department, in the heart of Silicon Valley, seemed like the perfect fit.



When the opportunity presented itself, as Tobias planned to leave Apple in March 2019 and Emil went off to study Finance, they both knew that an entrepreneurial venture would be the right next step. Having experienced working with small businesses and seeing their demise, both in Norway and the United States, the idea of done. began developing. Tobias recalls done.’s first days: “Working at Apple, and walking the grounds where so many innovative products had been and still were being developed, did inspire both the company, our mission, and our values”, he says, and continues: “I remember walking around the little lake in the middle of Apple Park, and sitting down at one of the benches surrounding the fountain, considering potential names for the company. I remember thinking, what best explains our mission in one word? That’s the place where the decision of calling the company Done was made”.

This was done.’s first logo. Tobias explains: “The idea was simple. Our team and software will do the work of building the business’ website. When we’re done, we would probably use that word in the first sentence we would send to the customer. That’s also why the first draft of our logo had a cursor in it.”

In April 2019, the company, Done Marketing Inc, was formally incorporated as the necessary paperwork was shipped off to the California Secretary of State. Only a month later, in May 2019, done. launched the first beta version of our service. At this point, the service simply had the same name as our company. It wasn’t until about 10 months later when the first post-beta version of our service was launched, that it was renamed doneWebs. That decision was made because new services, requiring a lot more time and funding, were being planned.

During done.’s first few months, we set up an office in a shared office space located in Sunnyvale, California. The resources Silicon Valley had to offer were crucial during the first few months after our establishment. Our office was close to our closest advisors, enabling collaboration during those first days. In April 2020, done. relocated to Los Angeles, and only about three months later, the first team members were hired for our new office in Dallas, Texas.

Our story has barely begun. Follow us as this team of great ambitions continue on the path to a successful business world, for everyone.